Friday, august 5th 2016 – 22h – 4€

Saturday, august 6th 2016 – 19:30h – 4€

            Twelve dancers situated in different rooms in Konvent will present short fragments where there is a mix of dance, gesture, sound, image, thought…

Mostly from German, they form a collective in order to investigate in the improvised dance for specific spaces. Their stages can be from a waiting room, a hotel to a train station. In an austere and minimalist way, they interact with the public subtly, involving it but without invading its vital space.
A show that merges us in the scenic arts, with a social and very personal vision. Body as a central axis but listening to all that is in the surrounds and exploring the infinity of possibilities in the improvisation act. Observation and transformation. Each dancer invites to look, give and inspire one from the other. This way dance transforms to a collective interpretation.

Management: Trinidad MartínezIngo Reulecke y Selu Herráiz
With: Claudia Mirambell, Tilman Rickert, Norbert Dorow, Ursula Sapel, Katharina Resch, Laura Bleimund, Heike Gaessler, Nazareth Martín, Anna Wiklund, Susanne Bartsch, Trinidad Martínez, Ingo Reulecke y Selu Herráiz

Photos: Jordi Plana Pey