24th august 2018 – night






FRIDAY 24th AUGUST 2018       


Narcoleptica is a one-person musical project developed by Beatriz Vaca since 2006. Visual artist with a degree in Fine Arts and self taught in music, Vaca was born in Seville in 1985 and now lives and works in Madrid. She has created two self-edited albums ‘The Modular Explanation’ [2009] and ‘Narcoleptica’ [2006], and now she is producing the third ‘The Abyss’. Vaca is part of various compilations such as ‘Sound-In’ [Sound-In, 2013], ‘Evenings’ [Evenings, 2010], ‘Lost Generation Vol. 2’ [Another Chance Records, 2010],and various collaborative albums. Since 2007 she has performed more than 50 concerts in diverse rooms and festivals such as FRINGE Madrid, Ladyfest, La Noche en Blanco and In-Sonora VII among others. Currently, she is a selected artist for the program Sound-In para Nuevos Creadores and is part of Hielo en Varsovia, La Petite Mort and OZU.