Theatre/performance formation

 29 – 30 JULY 2017

by Álvaro Prats

Vacuum and God

Theatre / performance workshop

Taught by Álvaro Prats

 My discovery is the hole, and that’s all.” Lucio Fontana 

From 1949, Lucio Fontana starts his series Concetto Spaziale, a collection of pieces that consist of holes and vertical cuts in sheets surfaces. In this series, there is placed another series called La Fine di Dio (The end of God, 1963-64), that consists of oval sheets of approximately his height, which are perforated manually. Himself admits that he is not interested in painting a paint, but to open space; to go further the complete sacrality of the sheet to open another dimension with a simple move; to present ” the begining of nothing”.

This monographic is inspired by the power of this “simple move”, with the performantic value of  emptying and opening spaces to new possibilities. What happens if suddenly we do a hole in our time, in our vital space, in  our noise, in our word, in our movement? What happens when we do a hole to god, to our beliefs, to our conception of the reality?

However, I porpouse a work of dialectic exploration, that plays constantly between the action of emptying and the action of filling; as for movement, as for sound, text and escenography. We will investigate the scenic possibilities of stillness,  waiting, silence in combination with  spacial saturation, temporal and sound.

From this point, participants will put in game this scenic tools and will explore a subject of their interest in relation to the dialectic metaphora of Vacuum and God, with the intention of composing a individual or collective performance. To this profit, they will look for a place in Konvent that fits the best to their performance.

Saturday from 10 to 14h and from 16 to 18h

Sunday from 10 to 14h

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