De l’1 a l ’11 d’agost 2018 – A càrrec d’Ingo Reulecke, Selu Herraiz i Trinidad Martínez



as a haptic way to explore movement and improvisation

From  1 to 11 August 2018


Intense workshop for people with corporal and artistic background interested in exploring throught movement and imporvisation.

facilitated by: Ingo Reulecke, Selu Herraiz and Trinidad Martínez



it is happening! It is a treat to be able to be at Konventzero again. The people running the place are super nice and it is a fascinating art space. It is close to Barcelona and surrounded by amazing nature.

writing as a method to clarify, to meditate,
by enjoying my handwriting as a haptic way;
to get into a deeper source of myself,
to communicate with others and exchange ideas,
to find a way of better expression;
indirect way of communication.

how to continue, how to go on,
how to make my almond cake to taste like something on the written screen,
how to make a game of a serious text, of something that should be a workshop description.
how to make a collaborative text
if we don’t speak the same language;
aiming for the same ideas, principals, artistic desires,
but having different
mother languages.

making mistakes, allowing us to be bad writers, bad dancers, bad
making fun of oneself
and enjoying being human, not being perfect, being with each other,
making art
or something.

connecting the movement of the hand, of the pen, of the space between the round lines,
to the rest of the body, the breathing, the trees



All the info for registration here: https://www.entre-lineas.net/en/handschrift-handwriting-en/
trinidad@entre-lineas.net, 0049-15120501025