Konvent 2017


         Welcome home, to heaven, to town and to Berguedà.

We are culture, territory, gastronomy and everything is needed. Defenders of our place. In 2016 we touched the sky again, bringing Konvent to the country and territory map. Far from the most archaic filosifies and loving our raws.

We come back soon with the joy and illusion that characterizes us. Konvent closes 2016 with elegance and the feeling of good job done. An year that we have felt even closer and we have reaffirmed our discourse, with critery and forcefulness. Culture at home.

2016 has been presented as a monthly show. From april to desember. The bar is high but gives us courage to configure the new year 2017, where won’t miss our home brand: Passion and admiration for  Culture, Territory and Patrimony.

During January, February and March, Konvent closes as every year, for reforming, preparation and cooking of new formula and programation. Although, we will offer a monthly event during these three months and we come back again on April 1st of 2017 !!!

Foto: Pemi Serarols